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Jagdtiger - Takom's Blitz series

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

It was a random idea that I wanted to build a Jagdtiger. Takom recently came out with this series. Great details, but keeping the number of parts in a manageable ballpark. Sounds like something I have been waiting for. But could they find the right balance? Let's find out.

The kit offers both the early and the late version. I have decided to go ahead with the late version: Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 512, March 1945, Germany.

It becomes obvious for the first sight that we get a great quality kit when we buy Takom's new Jagdtiger model. Really nice surface of the cast and rolled steel, wingnuts, bolts and rivets all look great. Length and link tracks are supported with a bespoke tool to ensure the appropriate sag. PE grills are also included in the pack.

Please note this one was the largest tank of WWII. in serial production designed to carry the enormous 128mm gun. To ensure the weapon looks good I decided to buy an aftermarket metal barrel to upgrade the kit.

The build starts with the suspension and the wheels - as always.

The parts fit perfectly, really nice design.

Or, are they?

Oooops, this one is a bit too tight. This seems to me a design issue as I couldn't find out how to assemble this bit without alteration of the from plate.

Anyway, a bit of sanding and putty to fill in the gaps solve the problem easily.

The details and the hangers of the spare track links already indicate how awesome the final model would look.

The PE grills are fitting perfectly and will look quite realistic.

As I mentioned in the intro Takom provides a custom tool to prepare the tracks.

Frankly, I expected to progress with it quickly, but it took a bit of time. Nevertheless, it was still faster than dragon's magic tracks or any other individual track links.

The final look is pretty cool, I think

The rest of the build is pretty straight-forward. No unexpected surprises, challenges, all go together pretty neatly.

Usual Tamiya grey primer was used as a first step of the paining process.

Afterwards Tamiya Dark yellow was used as the base colour.

Then, I applied the camo colours. unfortunately I didn't have the appropriate 'Reseda grun' so I had to mix a few of my green paints to end up with the right shade. I knew, I would apply some fading with a lighter shade, so purposefully I started with a darker tone first. I also added Tamyia's dark brown to complete the three-colour camo.

The lighter tones are next.

Time to add the decals. But before that glossy varnish needs to be applied so as the shiny edges of the decals would blend in after putting them in place and covered the whole tank with flat clear.

Time for the tracks, details, weathering, chipping.

I wanted to try a new technique for the periscopes: I had a shiny blue sticker from a box of vitamins which I thought would suit.

Finalising the details: a bit more wash, pigments and the necessary final touches.

Overall, I am quite happy with the final outcome: this is a fantastic kit and the miner issue with the front armour plate should not be a serious challenge if you have some putty at hand.

For more pictures please visit the Gallery.

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