Active projects

These are the latest projects I am currently working on. More details will soon be available in the relevant section of this site. However, a little teaser cannot cause any harm, can it?


Panther ausf A early version 
- Daimler-Benz production

I have never built a model for someone else before. However, earlier this year a really nice guy messaged me asking if I'd build a Panther for him. He said, he would send the kit, the friul tracks, decals, Atak zimmerit...everything. I couldn't resist and said yes. 

The model is now complete, the photos are available in the Gallery. The build review will come soon with the challenges I had to face during the build.

Jagdpanzer IV - a quick build

It was a moment of enlightment: I want to build a Jagdpanzer IV/L70!

These tank destroyers were particulaly successful in the last year of the war. They were deployed both on the Eastern and Western front.

Tamiya has one to offer: not an old design and is available for a reasonable price. This probably means a quick and smooth build, But is it quick and smooth indeed? We'll know it soon...


Build after an archive photo

I have known this photo for quite a few years now.

This shows an abandoned King Tiger left behind by the crew in Szentgál, Hungary in March 1945. They have probably ran out of fuel and decided to leave the tank behind. All useful equipment was removed (e.g. MG's, radios) and the main gun was also disabled. The 331A was painted on the tank later by the Red Army.

I thought this would be great if I could build this ecact tank. The end result looks good, although the turret numbers are not the right font type. But that might change...

MNH Panther ausf G

Panthers produced by MNH had a very distingushing camo pattern applied in the factory after mid-'44. It was a sudden decision that I want to build one of my favorite tanks with a camo pattern from March 1945.

Job is done, photos are now available in the Gallery. 

The Build Review is just finished. Check it out!


Jagdpanther G1 early version

This kit was a Christmas present: an early version of the tank destroyer on a railway wagon prodeced by Takom. The Jagdpanther is finished, the flat car is still one to complete.

I have created my first scratch-made skirt armour and Ithink I have found the right foliage finally for these model kits.  

Details in the build-review will come soon.